1. I am a vet, which part of the congress I can attend?
As a vet you are the teamleader, you have access to all rooms. However, it will be convenient to stay with your group profession as recordings from all pathways will be available for you after the congress anyway. So you are welcome in the Poznań Congress Center on Saturday and Sunday. You will also have access to the pharmaceutical stands and companies, which will be a separate area.
2. I am a farrier, which part of the congress I can attend?
During the registration process you had to choose one of the options: „apprentice” or „advanced”. If you chose „apprentice” then on Saturday you start at 8:00 am on Hippodrome Wola, which is an equestrian center 20 minutes away from Poznań Congress Center. If you chose „advanced” you have your place at the Poznań Congress Center in room 1, where we start at 9:00 am. On Sunday all farriers meet in Hippodrome Wola at 9:00 am.
3. I am an Equine physical therapist, which part of the congress I can attend?
Your pathway starts on Saturday in room 1, where all the rest of the family will be. On Sunday your lectures with Stefan Stammer and Karin Leibbrandt will be in Poznań Congress Center.
4. I just managed to register on the last day of Early Bird price, but haven't paid yet, am I still eligible to have the lower price?
Yes, if you managed to register on the 28th of February till midnight you will have the Early Bird price of your ticket, as long as the payment will be made within 7 days, that is till the 7th of March.
5. Which currency the congress operates?
All tickets and additions are in Polish Zloty.
6. Can I change pathways once I have got my ticket?
No, it is not possible to change the thematic pathway after completing registration and paying for the congress ticket. The participant is required to choose a pathway that is consistent with his/her profession.
7. Is there a chance the congress will be cancelled due to pandemic restrictions?
No, the congress is set up as hybrid congress. In the event that the Congress formula is changed to an “online” formula, the Participant will receive a refund equal to the difference between the price of the Congress in the on-site and “online” formula.
8. Does the congress have cancellation policies?
Yes, it does. It is available in terms and condition on p. 4 §4.
If the statement of cancellation is delivered to the Organizer:
– no later than February 28, 2023 inclusive, the Organizer will refund 80% of the paid fee to the Participant, to the bank account number from which the payment was transferred, within 30 days.
– no later than 31.04.2023 inclusive, the Organizer will refund 50% of the paid fee to the bank account number from which the payment was transferred, within 30 days.
9. If by bad luck I can't attend, can I seek replacement?
Yes, you can. Be sure to let the congress organisational team know 14 days prior the start of congress and insure the new participant completes the registration process on this website.
10. The congress mission relates to my efforts in my own environment, is there a chance to collaborate?
Absolutely! This is why this space is created, do get in touch with us, we are more than happy to discuss creative solutions to frustrating problems!